Preparation of the territory for residential construction for the Granel Group of Companies

The SnoosStroyInvest Group of Companies has begun organizing dismantling works in the city of Krasnogorosk, Moscow Region, for the subsequent construction of the Ilinois residential complex from the Granel Group of Companies on this territory.

Preparation of a construction site for LSR in Moscow

SnosStroyInvest Group of Companies has started dismantling buildings on Ilmensky prospect in Moscow for JSC LSR. Real Estate – M “with the aim of preparing a construction site for further construction.

“SnosStroyInvest” invests 725 million rubles in its development

On July 8, 2021, SnosStroyInvest Group of Companies in a solemn ceremony received the keys to the first batch of JCB JS 305 LC excavators, which will replenish its own fleet of the company's equipment.

Site preparation for new construction for LSR

GK SnosStroyInvest signed a contract with LLC LSR. Nedvizhimost-North-West ”for the dismantling of a complex of buildings on Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg in order to prepare the territory for new construction.

V Anniversary International Forum of Rental and Construction Companies

Национальная Ассоциация Арендодателей Строительной техники (НААСТ) при поддержке Европейской арендной ассоциации проводит «V Юбилейный Международный форум арендных и строительных компаний». НААСТ – единственный в России аккредитованный член Европейской арендной ассоциации с 2012 года.

How was the conference at Bauma CTT Russia dedicated to demolition of buildings and structures?

The NADO Association and the ATMachinery Company acted as the organizers of the conference on the topic: “Dismantling equipment and technologies: Demolition of buildings and structures. Recycling”.

Demolitioning of a warehouse for Omsk Carbon Group

SnosStroyInvest Group of Companies has started demolitioning the material warehouse of OKS at the production site of Omsk Carbon Group in Omsk.

Demolition of emergency resettled residential buildings in Severomorsk

GK “SnosStroyInvest” won a municipal contract for the demolition of dilapidated residential buildings in the city of Severomorsk, Murmansk region.

Artem Kondratev spoke at the conference Urban Development 2021

From May 25 to May 27, 2021, the 4th All-Russian Practical Seminar – Urban Planning Activities 2021 was held in Moscow.

Demolitioning of the office of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Ostankino” in Karelia

GK “SnosStroyInvest” signed a contract for the demolition of the unfinished construction object “Correspondent point of the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company” Ostankino “, located in Petrozavodsk.