On May 19-20, 2022, the XVI All-Russian Roofing Congress of the National Roofing Union, a member of the NOPSM Association, was held in Moscow


The head of the National Association of Demolition Organizations of Russia, Artem Kondratiev, spoke about the technologies for recycling roofing waste, the existing barriers to their involvement in recycling after processing, about foreign cases and the prospects for the development of the «Circular Economy» in Russia.

«The Ceiling Recycling Program, launched in 1999 by Armstrong World Industries, Lancaster, PA, the largest manufacturer of acoustic ceiling systems in the United States, has recycled more than 18.5 million square meters of used ceiling panels, saving more than a million tons of virgin raw materials and preventing landfills of more than 100,000 tons of construction waste, – Artem Kondratyev gave an example of the American experience. “Throughout its 20-year history, the recycling program has helped companies redirect used ceiling panels for recycling, helping to meet waste disposal goals while saving money on container costs and landfill fees.»

«In order to reduce the volume of roofing waste entering the accommodation facilities, it is necessary for manufacturers of roofing materials to invest in the infrastructure to create sites for the temporary accumulation of generated waste,” Artem explains using the following example. – The world’s largest manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials, GAF, is investing $100 million in a new roofing recycling program. Through the pilot program, they hope to find out where the best places are to ensure efficient movement of roofing waste across the continent and reduce transportation costs.»

The All-Russian Roofing Congress is a large-scale specialized platform for obtaining new, relevant concentrated knowledge, exchange of opinions, and discussions. It is here that the largest interested professional audience gathers from year to year. It is here, in personal communication with the top officials of roofing companies, that you can get an impetus for the further development of your business.

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