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The National Association of Demolition Organizations is the only structure in Russia that unites professionals in the demolition industry. As a result of the first International Dismantling Forum in Russia, which took place in February 2020, 25 dismantling organizations signed an agreement to create an organizational structure in the form of an Association. The leaders of the leading companies in the dismantling industry in Russia came to a common opinion about the need to work together to develop the industry and achieve fundamental goals:

  1. Creating standards and rules;
  2. Increasing transparency, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the industry;
  3. Interaction with government agencies on legislative initiatives;
  4. Creation and implementation of work safety systems in the industry;
  5. Training and professional development of specialists;
  6. Minimizing unfair competition;
  7. Increasing the prestige of the profession;
  8. Promoting the introduction of the world’s best technologies;

Currently, the members of the Association are 27 companies that specialize in the demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures, diamond and wire cutting, recycling and disposal of waste, and cleaning up pollution.

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Associations for the demolition of buildings and structures have been successfully functioning all over the world for a long time. The field of activity of these associations is not limited only to dismantling works. They work, including in the field of recycling waste from demolition, disposal of hazardous waste and cleanup from pollution, reclamation of contaminated land.

The National Association of Dismantling Organizations closely cooperates and adopts the experience gained for decades from such reputable organizations in the world dismantling community as the German Dismantling Association, the European Dismantling Association, and the National Federation of Dismantling Companies of Great Britain.

The acquired knowledge and technologies will be applied on the territory of Russia taking into account the current legislation to improve the quality of dismantling works, environmental protection and health safety of employees.

One of the fundamental tasks of the Association to achieve its goals is to interact with government agencies on legislative initiatives.

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Thus, NADO is the driving force behind the development of the industry and a consultant for both member companies and external organizations.


NADO offers business a platform for interaction and exchange of experience

The extensive structure of the National Association of Demolition Organizations in the form of professional committees and working groups gives member companies the opportunity to discuss the latest hot topics and issues arising in the industry. In addition, the annual members’ meeting offers an additional platform for comprehensive exchange at the national level.

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